Digital Marketing

Our PR campaigns are integrated with your digital marketing objectives.

SEO & Digital Authority

We partner with SEO experts (yours or ours) to create content (earned, owned and/or paid) to grow your digital authority, drive traffic to your site, and achieve your business outcomes. It's best to start with a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) website audit, and then follow up with ongoing assistance and reporting to ensure your efforts are producing results.

Website Copywriting

A large part of improving your search result rankings and resulting user base is to provide useful and targeted content for your important audiences. Our copywriters will create this content and provide guidance on how to organise it on your website to provide the best user experience possible, resulting in increased customer engagement.

Google Ads

In some industries, the first organic listing is so low on the page due to paid results, local map results and Google's Answer Box / Featured Snippets, that users have to scroll through two to three screen heights before being able to see the organic search results. In affected industries, it pays to use Google Ads to be listed in one of these top of page results.

Beyond search ads described above, other campaign types available through Google include Google Shopping, Google Maps Paid Listings, Display Ads (picture based ads), and Video Ads. These are all options that will suit different brands and business models.


A well crafted newsletter will ensure ongoing engagement with your target audiences.  Our team can do as little or as much as you need, from writing and/or distributing your newsletters, to fully managing your MailChimp account.

Digital Marketing Strategy

With so many options available around how to reach your audience online, how can you prioritise your efforts to assure your budget is spent wisely? This is where you need a customised Digital Marketing Strategy. We will help you to identify  and reach your target audience. A detailed plan with reporting to analyse the results once they have been implemented, will allow you to confidently drive your digital marketing, optimising your reach and fulfilling your goals.

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