Marketing Support Services

Our team have both comms and marketing expertise and can offer marketing support to your team as required.

Marketing Materials

We can design and update your marketing materials to best represent your brand and brand story.

Trade Events

Trade events can be an important method of reaching new clients and forming long-lasting relationships with suppliers and industry collaborators. However, it is very important that the team has a clear plan of how to operate at these events to maximise their potential. We work with your team to form trade show coordination plans for trade events to assure your return on investment is as high as possible for the event.

Writing Marketing Plans

Having a well defined marketing plan will allow your marketing team to proceed with confidence that all of their actions are well coordinated, and their efforts will have the highest return on investment possible. If you don't have a marketing plan guiding your actions, please give us a call to discuss how this will help your organisation's future success.

Workplace by Facebook

Internal communications are just as important as public communications, as the benefits of having a motivated & cohesive team cannot be understated. Workplace is a tool designed to facilitate internal communications between all members, even those working remotely using familiar tools such as Groups, Chat, Rooms and Live video broadcasting.  We will set up Workplace and train your team on how to use it to get them comfortable and using their new communication tool. Used by over 30,000 organisations around the world, you'll be using the best tool to keep everyone in your team connected.

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